Tension Meter TM310T , Đồng hồ hiển thị lực căng TM310T Nireco Vietnam

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Easy tension settings that can be used immediately

Operation status can be known in real timedue to additional communication function

Tension meter TM310T is a compatible with Nireco entire line-up of tension sensors (MB, MG, MC, CD, MJ, CJ, TSA, Intrinsically safe TSA) and displays their tension readings.
The display range is from 0 to 10 kN (1,000 x 10 N). The tension signal output (0 to 10 V (0 to 5 V), or 4 to 20 mA) can be output to a sequencer, indicator, recorder or other device.

The Tension Meter TM310T quantitatively measures the tension of a running web in manufacturing and processing lines of webs such as film, textile and rubber.
Nireco tension sensors that have good accuracy and responsiveness are used. These sensors electronically measure the tiny changes that vary in proportion to the web tension. The TM310T tension meter then adds and amplifies the sensor signals and indicates the tension.

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  • Enhanced operability through digital processing
    When initializing, various parameters can be set via a dialogue system.
  • Auto-zero control function
    Zeroing the sensor can be done at the touch of a button.
  • Correction functions
    Auto-zero, auto-span and other adjustment functions can easily be made.
  • Communications function
    The TM310T communication function (RS-485) enables connection to a PC to allow remote monitoring.
Power source voltage TM310T‐DC : DC24V
TM310T‐AC : AC100 : 240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 25VA
Ambient temperature operating range 0 to +50℃
Ambient humidity 80% or less (no condensation)
Sensor power supply +6V、±15V
Input 2 inputs: Any Nireco sensor from the MB, MG, MC, CD, T0, MJ , CJ , TSA series
Output Voltage output: 
4 outputs: for control, for recording (No. 1, No. 2, Total)
Current outputs:
2 outputs.. for control (4 to 20 mA) and for an indicator (1 mA)
Warning output 2 tension upper limits or left and right tension comparisons, lower limit warning outputs
Telecommunications function RS485 (2 line half duplex, 9600 bps independent protocol)
Installation Attached to the DIN rail
External dimensions (W)110×(H)90×(D)70.5
Mass 1.2kg

Tension Meter TM310T , Đồng hồ hiển thị lực căng TM310T Nireco Vietnam


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