Máy Đo Áp Suất Chịu Của Chai Nhựa PBBT-1 AT2E-PBBT-1 Dai lý AT2E Vietnam

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Máy Đo Lực Nén Chai Pet PBBT-1  AT2E, PBBT-1 PET Bottle Burst Tester AT2E Vietnam

Tình trạng:     Mới 100%

Bảo hành:      12 tháng

Xuất xứ:         AT2E - PHÁP

PBBT-1 PET Bottle Burst Tester is specialized test equipment for testing the PET bottles. It’s designed in accordance with the three international test methods which are commonly used. Users can choose the test method basing on their requirement. The PBBT-1 is capable to test the capacity of resilience under certain pressure or the rupture test of the PET bottle.

Through the reproduction of the pressurization, the process has been linearized and it increases to the predetermined point or the point of bursting.

After selecting the test program, the cycle will start automatically depending on the settings. The touch screen displays the pressure value in real time and record the maximum pressure and burst pressure.

Optional part water recycling system could provide way of saving water and avoiding the unsteady pressure of tap water which may influence a normal test.

Additional booster could be chosen. It may help the PBBT-1 free of high pressure source.


Standard equipment forthePET bottleindustry.

3internationaltest methods are available

PLCintegrated & Touch screen control

Automaticclamping and filling system

Can store 10 operators and 30 products

User defines the product lot number and sequence number

Displaycurvesof pressure andvolume expansionduring the test

Monitors and recordsthe temperature of thewaterduring the test

Applicableto 2.5 L bottle(consult us forbigger size)

Stainless steel design ensures the durability of tester

RS232Cdata output: connected to either printer or software

Integrated calibration function

Modes details:

Fill ramp mode:

The filling ramp mode is designed to simulate the situation of filling lines of PET bottles. Under this mode, the PET bottles are pressurized rapidly to the initially preset pressure and maintained for a given time (for example 13 seconds). Then continue to increase the pressure with a speed of 0.1 bar/s until the outbreak of the bottle or reaching the max pressure or volume. Preset parameter includes: initial screening pressure, maximum pressure, and expansion of volume limit.

Burst mode:

Under this mode, PET bottle will be pressurized rapidly to the initially preset pressure and maintained for a predefined period.

Custom mode:

Under this mode, user is able to create the pressure curve to meet the particular conditions of control. Users can define the pressure curve by steps, after the adjustment is made, the corresponding curve will be displayed on the user interface.


Technical specifications:

Measuring range: 0 – 20 bar

Resolution:1 bar

Samplerange: Up to 2.5 L bottle

Expansionin volume: Up to 2 L

Power supply:115/230V,50 – 60Hz

Pressurerequired:3 barwater/ 20 bar air source

Temperature range: 0 to 50 °C

Rear Panel: RS232 serial output

Dimensions: 740 (L) × 500 (W) × 920 (H) mm

Net weight: 70 kg

Máy Đo Áp Suất Chịu Của Chai Nhựa PBBT-1 AT2E-PBBT-1 Dai lý AT2E Vietnam


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