Keystone Pentair model 9200 ARC-Van Điều Khiển-Control Valve Keystone vietnam

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Keystone Pentair model 9200 ARC
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Keystone Pentair model 9200 ARC-Van Điều Khiển-Control Valve Keystone vietnam

Tăng Minh Phát là nhà cung cấp các thiết bị tự động hóa Keystone pentair tại vietnam

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Automatic Recirculation Valves/ Yarway

The Series 9200 ARC (Automatic Recirculation Control) uses proven technology in providing economical, as well as effective, protection for centrifugal pumps against damage resulting from low flow instability or overheating.

  • Self-contained valve functions as integral check valve, flow sensing element, bypass control valve, bypass actuator and multistage pressure letdown valve.
  • Eliminates high cost of installation and maintenance of complex conventional flow control loops.
  • Eliminates multiple vendors of components.
  • Eliminates cavitation in the valving and piping.
  • Only three pipe connections.
  • Eliminates any power source or instrument signal.
  • One piece body design. Bonnetless, packless design eliminates a potential leak path to atmosphere.
  • Valve is intrinsically safe for a broad range of pumping applications in the hydrocarbon industry.
  • Totally mechanical activation of the bypass with no levers, linkage, control signals or pilot valves to fail.
  • Greatly reduced maintenance, improved reliability and confidence that the valve will operate when needed.
  • Integral vortex inducing flow conditioner.
  • Controls the damaging effects of any cavitation resulting from the fluid pressure reduction by directing cavitation away from the pipeline walls.
  • Balanced stem designed with characterized orifices provides a two-stage pressure reduction.
  • Extends trim life and eliminates the creation of potentially destructive cavitation while insuring a more stable operation.
  • Flow loop testing and performance curve evaluation certify each 9200 ARC Valve order.
  • Assures reliable performance from every valve.

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Keystone Pentair model 9200 ARC-Van Điều Khiển-Control Valve Keystone vietnam


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