FUX 4000 ĐẦU BÁO KHÓI MINIMAX, Nhà Phân Phối Minimax Tại Vietnam

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 FUX 4000
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Đại lý Phân Phối Minimax Tại Vietnam - FUX 4000 MINIMAX
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 FUX 4000 ĐẦU BÁO KHÓI MINIMAX, Nhà Phân Phối Minimax Tại Vietnam.

Developed by dedicated engineers who recognize the hazards created by industrial conveying systems, the new Minimax FUX 4000 UEWA spark detector represents an en tire ly new generation of fire de tection systems. In addition to it’s main function of detecting sparks this detector also continuously monitors its own visibility and the correct performance of its electronics.

The Minimax FUX 4000 UEWA is predominantly used in pneumatic conveying systems, where the highest degree of durability and reliability are required. Mainte nance intervals can be optimized as the FUX 4000 UEWA detector reacts automatically to pollution and malfunction. The benefits of these detectors lead to conside rable cost savings in:

– wood and paper industry

– textile industry – food industry

– coal dust drawing

– caoutchouc industry

– chemical industry

– artificial fertilizer industry

– and in dry systems.

Technical data 

  • Operating voltage 7.6 -13.2 V DC
  • Zero signal current approx. 2.5 mA bei 9 V
  • Alarm current approx. 20 mA bei 9 V
  • Alarm indication LED red
  • Fixed alarm indication at the detector +15 V constant voltage (+Ukonst ) if required Malfunction indication in case of
  • CPU malfunction, contamination of
  • optical window LED yellow, additional analyzing line (STOER)
  • Spectral sensitivity 780 - 1,120 nm
  • Detection criteria Intensity change
  • Viewing angle 100°
  • Ambient temperature –20 °C to +70 °C
  • Relative air humidity max. 95 %
  • IP rating IP 65
  • VdS approval G 208192

FUX 4000 ĐẦU BÁO KHÓI MINIMAX, Nhà Phân Phối Minimax Tại Vietnam


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