FSA-96 Daiichi, Fault display annunciator FSA-96 Daiichi, Daiichi vietnam

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FSA-96 Daiichi
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FSA-96 Daiichi, Fault display annunciator FSA-96 Daiichi, Daiichi vietnam


The alarm information is displayed and output by this system when the fault signal is input from the protective relay and others. You can use the system as a status annunciator. The signal can be transmitted to the centralized monitoring system using the optional communication output.


          Conventional relay circuit, alarm and indicator lamp are all integrated in this system to realize the economical space use and reduction of wiring works.

          Input: 10 voltage inputs (8 fault (status) inputs and 2 external operation inputs). Alarm output has OR outputs for a major fault (BELL), minor fault (BUZZER) and 8 input, and you can choose automatic reset or manual reset.

          OMRON relay MY2-02 with a large contact capacitance is used for the alarm output.

          You can set the four patterns of the operation modes (combination of major fault/ minor fault and status indication ON/OFF) for each input.

          Two kinds of communication protocols can be used by selection. Protocol A: Same as the protocol of multi meter . Protocol E: FSA-96 original protocol. Data can be transmitted at regular intervals without being controlled by the upper sequencer. Communication time can be reduced when more than one machine are connected.

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FSA-96 Daiichi, Fault display annunciator FSA-96 Daiichi, Daiichi vietnam


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